An Abbreviated Introduction To The American Club

Since I can remember and have been aware of politics, I have been republican. Almost everything with the ideology clicked, especially in areas I was more interested in like economics. The first presidential election I would say I was involved with was the 2012 Race. For my age, I was fairly involved and passionate about the political climate for the upcoming four years, and I wanted Romney to badly win. His policies matched my own beliefs of overall deregulation and limited government, as they still are. He lost. A disappointment, but I wasn't too distraught because I didn't expect Obama to have done as much damage as he did. A couple years later, candidates are announcing their bids for the White House left and right, no pun intended. I can honestly say that I have not been truly passionate about a candidate until Donald Trump announced. I liked him for a multitude of reasons that extend farther than just his policies. However, he was a very polarizing figure in the ever increasing dichotomy of America. He was quite a difficult figure to support because of the overwhelmingly hypocritical assault on anyone and anything that wasn't supportive of leftist ideas. On top of that, recognizing and experiencing an absolutely incredible and intolerable amount of liberal propaganda in the school system. And on top of that, I was being bombarded by liberal propaganda again when I went anywhere on the internet and television, with a few exceptions. Despite all that I maintain my beliefs and continually defend Trump. Something that became a point of pride for me election night. I was proud in the nation, and I was proud of myself. This was a true victory. However, in the coming months, the abyss in the foundation of the country deepened - more riots, more disapproval, more distrust, more separation, more polarization. These wounds have scars that embed themselves in the youth. That is why this was founded. The youth are so influenceable, and it seems that a radical left agenda has become the trending way to go. This is a disgrace, and The American Club was founded in order to prevent this exact atrophy of America now and in the future. Hopefully, you will help the initiative and join the club.

-Robert Hemmes III

Founder and CEO of The American Club